A discussion the turning points of world war ii

I usually associate doughnuts with World War I history, so imagine my surprise when I found an account about civilian ladies during the Civil War giving doughnuts to a regiment on its way to war. A procession of ladies, headed by music, passed between double lines of troops, who presented arms, and were afterwards drawn up in hollow square to receive the welcome dough-nation. Never before was seen such an aggregate of doughnuts since the war began.

A discussion the turning points of world war ii

The Battle of Stalingrad was decided outside of the city itself, as Zhukov successfully managed to surround the German 6th army through a giant pincer manoeuvre.

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The followin…g events are all among the most important factors that lead to Russian victory: Russian 64th lead by General Tjusjkov managed to stay on the west side of the Volga. Was Stalingrad a turning point in World War 2? The importance of this battle cannot be overestimated.

As a turning point however, Kursk is also significant. Afer that, the Germans lost the strategic initiative on the Eastern Front. After Stalingrad, the Nazi leadership had no hope at all of winning the war: What was the most important turning point in world war 2?

Summary of most popular answers: Turning point as a decisive battle after which aggressors went from offensive to defensive 1. Battle of StalingradSoviet army counter… offensive started on November 19, First really major defeat of German army, that President Roosevelt and others called "turning point" of whole World War 2 2.

Battle of Midway - June 6,First major defeat of Japanese navy, Americans regain strategic initiative in Pacific.


Most often considered as turning point of the war in Pacific. Turning point as an important event that changed course or dynamic of the war: It was American defeat, but still American entry into war often considered a decisive factor that moved balance into Allies favor.

Battle of Britain - July 10 - October 31, Great Britain survives air battle with Germany preventing Germany from final victory in Europe and becoming too strong. This is most controversial "turning point", since Germans very already in retreat in Russia when D day happened.

All previous answers are moved to discussion page as they are in fact mostly discussions and opinions. Why was the Battle of Stalingrad considered one of the turning points in World War 2? Stalingrad was where the Russians stopped the German advance andeventually surrounded and captured an entire German army.

TheRussian Army was de-moralized and lacked any leade…rs as JosephStalin was having all his commanders executed if they could notperform as he wanted. By the time the Germans reached Stalingrad,the average soldier was determined to fight to the end to stop thedestruction of their homeland. Why was Stalingrad considered to be a major turning point of World War 2?

A major battle during World War II, Stalingrad August toFebruary is considered to be one of the war's majorturning-points for several reasons. For one thing, it re…sulted inthe destruction of a massive German army. For another thing, andmuch more importantly, it demonstrated that the Soviet military hadimproved its tactics, logistics, and strategy to such an extentthat it was now a match for its German opponent.

A discussion the turning points of world war ii

It was for the soviets. It was for t…he soviets. Why was the Battle of Stalingrad considered the turning point of World War 2? Because it marked the point of furthest advance by the German army during the Russian campaign and signified the start of a Russian advance westward that continued unabated un…til Hitlers suicide in Berlin.

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad a turning point for the soviets in World War 2?

A discussion the turning points of world war ii

The Germans had extended their supply lines by far too much before Stalingrad. Their Panzer forces were very effective in breaking through Soviet lines of defence.

Neither did they have adequate supplies of ammunition or food or petrol. Similarly the means of distribution was inadequate for the venture they had undertaken.

This then contrasts sharply with what the Russians had been storing power for:As New York City Health Commissioner during World War II, Stebbins ran the nation’s largest public health unit, serving million people. In , Stebbins, 44, became the youngest dean ever appointed at the School, and the first to hold a master of public health.

Journalist Mark Bowden: The Vietnam War’s Turning Point Mark Bowden hasn’t written a book about a military battle since his No. 1 New York Times best seller Black Hawk Down.

His most ambitious work yet, Hue is the story of the centerpiece of the Tet Offensive and a turning point in the Vietnam War. African Americans involved in the war were essentially fighting two wars—a war against the Axis and a war against segregation, and nowhere was this more evident than in the Double V campaign, which I will share a bit later as part of my examination of primary documents to use in teaching aspects of World War II with students.

Jul 31,  · What was the turning point of World War II? I’ve been teaching university courses on the war for a long time, and it’s one of the questions I get asked most often (right up there with “Would.

This is a major series of battles in World War II. Movies are made about Stalingrad, incredibly bloody. Incredibly -- if you look at the pictures of the city of Stalingrad after the battles there, the city is . Get an answer for 'What was the turning point of World War II?' and find homework help for other World War II (–45) questions at eNotes. Chapter America in World War II: Share Tweet Post Message. Next Chapter. Introduction “Get Japan first” was the cry that rose from millions of infuriated Americans; The turning point of the land-air war against Hitler had come late in (raid on Cologne).

7 days ago · Many history teachers in , however, may be tempted to bow to student preferences and rush through the “Great War,” devoting more time to World War II. This would be a mistake.

Jun 12,  · 'Hue ' Revisits An American 'Turning Point' In The War In Vietnam. The Japanese took it during World War II. You know, it was a relic from another era.


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