Facts and the way of living of puritans

Puritan Facts About Daily Life By Erik Arvidson ; Updated September 29, The Puritans who settled in New England in the 17th and 18th centuries have been largely mythologized as a small group of people who lived a life devoid of pleasure, shunned alcohol and sex, and lacked humor or compassion for other people. In fact, despite living a hard frontier life in a foreign land, the Puritans did experience the same pleasures as others but in moderation.

Facts and the way of living of puritans

In fact, there are several facts about the Amish you need to know that might just give you a whole new perspective on their way of life. It might be easy to conjure up images of the Amish from the photos and videos we have seen over the years, but can there really be any truth in these after delving into a community that does anything in its power to stay away from technology?

Once an Amish child comes of age, they must declare their faith as part of a baptism rite. It is expected of each youth to make this declaration, although they say that the young are independent, they expect nothing less than this ritual to occur; curious, very curious.

The Amish community is known for being very strict and for kicking the non-conforming individuals out of their community in a form of excommunication. The Amish are a religious sect but the book they follow is not the Bible. It is called The Good Book, or Ordnung. Basically, it is a guide to living like a true Amish community member.

Those who break the rules within the Ordnung expect serious consequences. The basic teachings are familiar with the lines of the Bible, but much more simple, as is their lives. They follow then ten commandments and adhere to a biblical way of life, literally.

They do not let non-Amish people into their community as a rule, you cannot become Amish, you have to be born into it.

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On the other hand, you can go from being Amish to being non-Amish, depending on your personal choices. The Amish may be very strict about their rules, but they also have an understanding of what being a teenager is like. The ten commandments are still law and are not to be broken, or else face extreme consequences, such as excommunication.

Rhumschpringa basically means, to run around. When an Amish youth turns 18, they are allowed to leave the community for a certain amount of time to see the life outside, it can be as little as a few days, and as long as a couple of years — depending on the person.

The reason behind this is so the youth willingly chooses to come back to the community after seeing what the outside world has to offer. Most times the youths do indeed return to their community. Rhumschpringa Part II The time away from the community is not measured, and there are those who barely do anything with their time away, for fear of the unknown.

There are youths that would be gone for a week and those who would travel for years before returning to their community. However, imagine growing up knowing only one way of life, an old-fashioned lets call it, way of life, and then being thrown into a modern world without any warning of what is to come.

According to statistics, the number of youths that end up returning to the Amish community is extremely high. The reason behind this is unknown but we guess it has to do with their very upbringing and link to family. Their dating process is much more tame than ours, like being courted by way of horse drawn carriage rides and flower picking.

Night Night So you would think that a super conservative Christian sect does not approve of spending the night together before marriage, right? They are all for it, except that the two have to be fully clothed and only use the night together to talk for hours.

What we would do over the phone or by text these days, they do face to face with one another, instead of sleeping. We find this to be super adorable and probably a better way to go about things than we do now. They only court for several weeks before they marry. They have a limited time to decide if this person is the one for them, advise their respective parents and begin the marriage negotiations.

Talk about a shotgun wedding!

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The Amish believe in modesty, it one of their most core moral codes. Even on her wedding day, an Amish bride dresses in a simple blue dress, that she would normally wear every day, so as to maintain the modest setting. Also, rings and the like are not allowed as they are a show of vanity, which is another thing they frown upon.

The couple exchanges simple religious vows in the community church and from their they continue on… Honeymoon At Home … To their parents home for their honeymoon. Usually a newlywed couple would fly out to vacation in a place far from their normal sorroundings.

Amish newlyweds spend their wedding night in their parents home. Interesting to wonder where the parents go for the night. And why this is the accepted custom. There are those that guess that this is a symbolic custom, to show the newlywed couple that they see their marriage is as valid as their very own.

The Amish grow their own food and refrain from drinking and smoking, making them a very low cancer risk community.

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They take the concept of farm to table to the most literal form of the term.India vs Canada. India is one of the oldest surviving civilizations of the world.

It is estimated to be at least 10, years old. Canada is relatively new, as it was created . Like the Pilgrims, the Puritans were English Protestants who believed that the reforms of the Church of England did not go far enough.

Facts and the way of living of puritans

In their view, the liturgy was still too Catholic. Bishops. The Puritans believed that the Bible was God's true law, and that it provided a plan for living. The established church of the day described access to God as monastic and possible only within the confines of "church authority".

The Puritans traveled to America to escape religious persecution. Learn more about what daily life was like as a Puritan living in colonial times.

Also find additional research topic ideas. slide 1 of 2. Life in the Colonies. Oct 26,  · 8 Puritans Were Scientists. While it often seems that religion and science are at odds, to the Puritans, they went hand in hand.

The oldest university in the United States—Harvard—was founded by the srmvision.com for the institution’s first benefactor, John Harvard, the school was originally founded to teach religious doctrine.

Liberals are masters of using rhetoric to make their worldview sound like reality, but history tells a very different tale. Here are 10 historical “facts” only a left-winger would believe.

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