If i were a genie

Family background[ edit ] Genie was the last, and second surviving, of four children born to parents living in Arcadia, California. Her father worked in a factory as a flight mechanic during World War II and continued in aviation afterward, and her mother, who was around 20 years younger and from an Oklahoma farming family, had come to southern California as a teenager with family friends fleeing the Dust Bowl. His father died as the result of a lightning strike and his mother ran a brothel while only infrequently seeing him.

If i were a genie

I was not living a happy life in the first two months after I turned I guess part of that has something to do with me starting a new job right after I graduated, without giving much thought to this important transition in life. Three months into the job, I realized this is not something that I wanted for my life.

My life sucked, and because of the 1-year work experience immigration requirement, I also felt trapped in this life because I might have to stay in this job for at least a year.

All of that has caused me severe depressions because I lost hope in building a better life.

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I booked a long trip earlier this year starting end of April because I wanted some dramatic changes in life to make it better. It is with what I am doing with my time. Then I chose to solve the problem itself — quitting my job and freeing up my time so that I can spend time on things I really want to do — starting my own business and building a life I want to live.

After working in 2 different jobs that I had taken seriously, I finally gave up on this thing called employment. Finding out what I want for my life is a huge subject, and I am not expecting to solve this question anytime soon I might never be able to finish the process of discovering the life I want.

However, I can at least write up about what I want for the rest of my year-old life.

If i were a genie

Run my own business as an independent individual or in a team. Four things that are are important to me, which lead to the thought that running my own business is a necessary part of building a good life: The ability to negotiate the price for the value I can bring to the table is important.

Create a system that works. Find a solution that solves problems. Deliver value to people that I care about. Learn about my relationship with other people — how to make friends with people from a different background; how to empathize and be deeply connected to others; how to be interested in others and to draw other people to me; how to be inspired and inspire others.

Learn about my relationship with the world — who I am in different social contexts; how the social environment influence me and how I change the environment; the wisdom of life and the fundamental principles of how the world works.

It includes family and best friends. Connect with interesting new people or new things.

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I want to influence and be influenced, inspire and be inspired, interest and be interested. To keep me on track with those 3 most important things I want for the next nine and a half month, I will ask myself three questions every day before I go to sleep: What did I do today that contributes to building a good life?Use the Genie Safe-T-Beam Replacement Kit to change a broken or faulty safety beam part in your Genie garage door system.

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If i were a genie

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