Importance of indemnity contracts

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Importance of indemnity contracts

The Importance of Indemnity and Insurance Provisions in Contracts and Policy Language Indemnification and insurance provisions are common features of many types of commercial contracts, including construction, engineering, oil and gas, and product distribution contracts.

Importance of indemnity contracts

These contractual provisions reflect an effort by parties to contractually allocate risk, and to provide for insurance as a backstop for the contractual allocation of risk. This contractual allocation of risk and insurance backstop involve three separate components: Much has been written about the different types of indemnification provisions — how they have been interpreted and restrictions on indemnifying a party for its sole negligence.

Thus, this article will focus on contractual insurance provisions and additional insured provisions that may be used as a backstop. Scope of Additional Insured Coverage: Contractual Provisions and Language of Insurance Policy Contractual insurance provisions and additional insured language in insurance policies are often viewed as intertwined with indemnification provisions in a contract.

While the parties may assume that both merely backstop the indemnification provision, cases in several different jurisdictions — including recent cases in Texas involving the petroleum industry — demonstrate the potential that insurance provisions in a contract and additional insured provisions in a policy, may be interpreted to provide the additional insured with coverage for all of its liability, including liability beyond any contractual indemnification obligation, and extending to the sole negligence of the indemnitee.

For example, in Shell Oil Co.

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After an employee of the insured was injured, the insured asserted that the additional insured was not entitled to coverage inasmuch as the indemnification provision did not entitle the additional insured to indemnification for its own negligence.

An example of this can be observed in the recent Texas case: In Re Deepwater Horizon, F. Indemnification and insurance provisions have been, and will continue to be, important tools in managing risks in contracts involving services and products.The moment the idea is admitted into society, that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.

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Importance of indemnity contracts

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