Issues in the construction of the scottish parliament

Other organisations have agreed to abide by the WRDP, or have been made aware of the its principles. Introduction 1 This OC provides guidance on work-related deaths and liaison with the police, CPS and other enforcement authorities. The English and Welsh version, Work-Related Deaths - A Protocol for liaison was introduced in in England and Wales after it was recognised that there was a need for investigating and prosecuting authorities to engage with each other and to share information and best practice.

Issues in the construction of the scottish parliament

The Parliamentary Support Programme is funded by the European Commission under the European Programm e for Reconstruction and Development The opinions expressed in this research study do not necessarily represent the official views of the Parliamentary Support Programme, the Speakers' Forum, individual legislatures or the European Commission.

I got excited in the sense that it would be my first time to fly and also my first visi t to Cape Town and to Parliament as well as to the sea. Our flight to Cape Town was scheduled for 18h On board the flight I was relaxed because I was sitting next to Adele and she comforted me.


We arrived in Cape Town at 20h We waited a couple of minutes for Claire's arrival because we were not on the same flight. After Claire's arrival we drove to Sea Point where we spent the night.

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Sea Point is next to the sea and really I had a clear view of the sea. In the evening, Adele acted as the Portfolio Committee Chairperson and asked me to present.

After my presentation, she asked me questions. She encouraged me — and this kind of practice really helped Issues in the construction of the scottish parliament. I went to bed at 23h00 and woke up at 5am. Before we drove to Parliament Claire and myself walked on foot to the sea where she took pictures of me.

We arrived at Parliament at 8h During the Public Hearings I listened carefully to presenters. Some of the presenters were furious, criticising the Bill as a whole. Nevertheless I realised how friendly the MPs were. When the Chairperson called my name, I felt nervous, but when I started talking I regained confidence.

My presentation focussed on two issues: GFZs are about community safety and the initiative has been going on for three years in Mapela and is getting support from more residents. I also objected to the age limit of 18 in the FCB and proposed the age should go to This will exclude school going kids and will also make the implementation of GFZs in schools easier.

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After my presentation, th e MP's applauded me for the work I've been doing. We all went out then and took photos in front of Parliament and then went to a meeting where we discussed what our experiences were during the hearings. I was no longer afraid of flying because I had experience.

Even though I was alone I enjoyed the trip back home. The Programme Management Unit was established early in to facilitate and co-ordinate the various projects of the PSP with the aim of ensuring good governance and stable democracy by strengthening the role of Parliament and the nine provincial Legislatures.

This will enable them to better fulfil their functions of passing legislation, formulating policy, overseeing the executive, facilitating constituency work and engaging in public participation and education.

Build efficient structures and services of legislatures Increase legislative skills and knowledge Improve representation function and responsiveness of legislatures Improve communication and co-operation between legislatures The establishment and implementation of projects aimed at facilitating public participation in Parliament and provincial Legislatures is one of the key objectives of the PSP.

By initiating and promoting public participation in the law-making process in terms of section of the constitution legislatures facilitate and enable the active involvement of civil society in the law-making process. This includes the promotion of access of the public to the legislature buildings and sitting of the Legislature, Constituency Offices, Committee meetings and Public Hearings.

Promotion of the work of the legislatures should take place in both urban and rural areas with a special focus on the vulnerable groups in society ie. Poor rural communities, women, youth and the disabled.

Issues in the construction of the scottish parliament

Various mechanisms have been identified to facilitate public participation such as civic education campaigns, communication plan per Bill, public hearings, special Parliaments, community events, open weeks and publications, advertising and media coverage.

These initiatives increase Members capacity to serve constituencies, promote greater understanding of the legislative process, foster participatory forms of communication and promote transparency and participation in the legislative process.

Taking into account the importance of public participation in the law making process the PSP commissioned the Political Information Service of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa IDASA to undertake a research study of public participation in the legislative and policy making process in South Africa.

The primary research was then further complemented by Sue de Villiers who was commissioned to update the research study to a publishable form and incorporate more recent public participation initiatives and examples of best practice.

The People's Voice' argues that the environment created by the South African Constitution creates a requirement that government engage with citizens when making the decisions that affect their lives. In order to explore how well and effectively it is doing so, this publication explores public participation in the national and provincial legislatures and considers the relationship between policy-making and law making and raises various questions.Freedom of Information Act , Section 21 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 18 September There are changes that may be brought into force at a future date.

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Changes that have been made appear in the content and are referenced with annotations. Revised.

Issues in the construction of the scottish parliament

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