Once upon a time season 2 hook scenes

It's good, cheesy, and it doesn't lie. Peter Pan no longer considers them of any use. It's a good thing that you guys don't ask any questions.

Once upon a time season 2 hook scenes

And only I can cure that Pinocchio is based on a character of the same name from the children's novel, The Adventures of Pinocchioand the Disney film Pinocchio. Contents History Before First Curse Carved out of a magical tree in the Enchanted Forest by an old craftsman, GeppettoPinocchio gains the ability to speak and move, although he remains a wooden puppet.

While there, he meets Robert and takes interest in a coin that the man has, and even asks how much it's worth. Robert insists it's worth nothing to anyone but him as it was given to him by his son. Pinocchio speculates that his son ran away and suggests he should try looking in the sugar pit for him, but Robert reveals he is actually searching for his other son, Prince Jamesthough Pinocchio mocks him by noting he doesn't look much like a king.

After explaining that James was his son before he was the king 's, Robert asks if Pinocchio has seen him. Pinocchio responds that he hasn't, but this causes his nose to grow, so Robert deduces that he's lying and forces the puppet to lead him to James.

Pinocchio watches from nearby as Robert speaks with the boy and persuades him to return home with him. As Robert and James begin to leave, the puppet alerts them to Pleasure Island's staff, who are coming after them, and he urges them to run.

Pinocchio never sees either Robert or James again after this. Geppetto confronts the Evil Queen by saying they are good people and don't deserve to suffer, to which she exposes a female prisoner of hers, declaring she will face execution for being loyal to Snow White.

Henry Mills

Before the ocean's waves threaten to overturn their raft, Pinocchio insists that his father take the only remaining life vest.

He then sacrifices himself by jumping into the sea. Only after this, a great whale, Monstrotries to engulf Geppetto as an upsurge throws the older man overboard. Presumably drowning, Pinocchio washes up on the shoreline as an ordinary wooden doll.

In his grief, Geppetto calls upon the Blue Fairywho is impressed by Pinocchio's display of selflessness that she turns him into a real human boy.

However, she stresses that he must remain kind, selfless and honest in order to retain this form. The next morning, Pinocchio is in the woodwork shop helping his father to carve a new toy.

He sings about his son helping him to build it and how proud of him he is, to which Jiminy chimes in afterward with his own cricket singing. By the following day, everyone forgets that they ever sang, as the Blue Fairy intended it to be this way to ensure all the songs stay safe for Emma's sake.

Only when the Blue Fairy arrives, Pinocchio, out of fear of turning back into wood, apologizes for his actions. Nonetheless, she did not arrive to punish him, and instead asks Geppetto to build a wardrobe from the last enchanted treewhich can ward off the Queen's curse. After they find the tree, she tells him that only two people can through the portal to another land.

Since a prophecy states Snow White's unborn child is the savior who will break the curse in twenty-eight years, both mother and daughter must go together. Worried about his son, Geppetto agrees to make the wardrobe, but only if Pinocchio is one of the two who'll be saved.

The Evil Queen/Regina Mills/Roni

Left little choice, the Blue Fairy agrees. In front of the war council, father and son are present as the Blue Fairy lies to Snow White and Prince Charming about the wardrobe only able to save one person. Soon, Pinocchio and Geppetto finish carving the wardrobe when the curse arrives.

Coincidentally, Snow White gives birth early, although she was supposed to go into the wardrobe while still pregnant.

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The Blue Fairy, believing the child must have someone to watch over her as she grows up, pleads for Geppetto let Snow White and her daughter leave together.

After the Blue Fairy leaves, Geppetto ignores her request and places Pinocchio in the wardrobe. As they part, he makes his son promise to take care of Emma. Landing in worldPinocchio is startled by a passing airplane and then attempts to go back into the tree, which ejects him.

Suddenly, Snow White's baby arrives through the tree. Remembering his promise to Geppetto, Pinocchio picks up the baby and brings her into a diner across the street to seek help.ABC.

Sean Maguire as Robin, Lana Parrilla as Regina, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jennifer Morrison as Emma, Josh Dallas as Charming and Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow in ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5, Episode 2 — ‘The Price’.

Once upon a time season 2 hook scenes

Once Upon a Time. TV-PG. Return to Storybrooke for a third season, as the town hovers on the verge of destruction and its inhabitants' very lives hang in the balance.

1. The Heart of the Truest Believer When Zelena's time portal pulls Emma and Hook into the Enchanted Forest of the past, their actions have grave consequences for Number Of Seasons: 7.

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Once upon a time season 2 hook scenes

We connect you to show links, recaps, reviews, news and more. SideReel has discontinued its iOS and Android apps as of 6/5//5(). Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook, formerly known as the Dark One, and briefly known as Prince Charles, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

He débuts in the fourth episode of the second season. He is portrayed by starring cast member Colin O'Donoghue and guest star Oliver Bell Wish Realm self: Hook. List of Once Upon a Time episodes The second season of the ABC television series Once Upon a Time was announced on May 10, [1] It premiered on September 30, and concluded on May 12, Original network: ABC.

Season Two is the second season of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was announced on May 10, [2] Filming began on July 16, [3] and lasted until April 5,

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