The three phases of styles in philip goldsteins career

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The three phases of styles in philip goldsteins career

Since June is the month of br. At any rate notice c: One of -he'hrst this mon wus tor Miss Dorothy Roe Gc: Don Eanett and Mrs.

Miss Stem is the June 20 bride-elect c: Also planning a June 2Cth weddir. Miss Worth will become Mrs Gerold?.

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Soltz in the home of Rcbbi Irving Lehr- nan Othai ore-nuptial parties in her honor have included a dinner party is the'home of the prospective bridegroom's aunt, Mrs Wdte Stern. Miami Beach, and a similar affair at which Mrs Sylvia Cohen was hostess.

Daniel Broad of 48th St. They will -ate up residence there for the present at South Tre. Kocos of Michigan Ave. Boston and Plymouth, Mass. Stuart has been attending Gordon Military academy, Bamesville, Ga. Attending a convention of the American Psycho-Analytic society and 'be American Psychiatric association in Wcshing- Lester Stepner oi Miami Beach.

They are zxpeced home this weekend. Boyeil and both the girla will be back around July 1. She is ac- companied by her husband. H Kate of S. Arluck's parents, at the r new boms IOC S.

A brother and sister-in-law, Mr. Harry Kaplow, are entertaining the visitors and all their friends here from Staten Island with a party this week. Harolod Berkowitz left Mrs. Gropper Wed I graduate school there.

A veteran of three years with the Army Medical corps, he.

The three phases of styles in philip goldsteins career

She has;demy, he is now associated with been active in the Miami Y."Taped for broadcast on KSAN-FM, this remarkable set at the Record Plant in Sausalito, California, finds John Fahey, the master of American primitive guitar, at the peak of his mesmerizing powers, performing a series of lengthy medleys that incorporate a wide variety of influences and styles.

Three more years passed before this goal began to be achieved, in the first of the three revolutions at Yale in the s: a change in admissions policy under President Kingman Brewster’s new dean of admissions, R.

Inslee Clark, Jr., that emphasized intellectual achievement and . POSIT'ONS V VCANT r* Men and Boy* BOOT TRADE Fully qualified Lin- king Cutter Good wages»and condi- tions Apply Lion Shoe Company «Margaret and Clbbons streets Red.

lern Phone. Full text of "ERIC ED English Curriculum Guide, Grades ; A Nongraded Phase Elective Senior High School Curriculum, other formats. readiness for a full-scale invasion by Arab armies from three' sides, from the north, the south and the east.

All its 70, men ICAL CAREER TO WHICH Hi STILL LEHOS HONOR T0PAY BORN IK BUDAPEST OF A Council of the National Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) at its three-day annual meeting in the Hotel Stevens here.

The state-ment. Three miles above the village Schischkino, near the city Katschug (Kacug), are the famous Schischkino rocks.

There are over 3km drawn-rock walls, painted with ornaments and human - and animal figures from ancient times.

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