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Whatever i dont know

Because the companies makes a lot more money, and the agents who sell these policies make a lot more commission than they do for Term life insurance.

They tout the benefits of the cash value accumulation portion of the policy.

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But, what they often fail to tell you is that it takes 5 or more years to build up anything in the cash value portion. In the following years a good chunk of your premium is applied towards covering the death benefits portion and administrative fees.

Most insurance companies are very secretive about the cost of these fees. The majority of Americans are better served buying term life insurance and investing the rest.

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How much more does a permanent policy cost than a term life insurance policy? Some quote systems only use a certain number of preferred companies whose rates are generally much higher than what is available elsewhere. Another aspect is that many companies like to give sample rates to show you how cheap life insurance is to buy.

Whatever i dont know

Life Insurance Companies Pay Agents Higher Commissions for Selling Certain Products The average American consumer should be very wary of any agent who tries to sell some alternative life insurance product other than term life insurance such as a permanent policy or an annuity.

This is to your detriment. An annuity, on the other hand, reaps even more commission for the agent.

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Your agent has an incentive to sell whole-life policies. Agents and their managers typically receive upfront commissions and other compensation totaling well over half the first-year premium. That means very little of the premium goes into the cash-value account.

A policy can only be maintained in force provided the premium is paid in full, in the time prescribed.

Whatever i dont know

Failing to do so will result in the policy to lapsing. Once a policy lapses, you have no life insurance coverage. One thing life insurers fail to mention is that you do have the option of lowering your premiums by reducing the amount of your death benefits. This may allow you to keep the policy in force and reduce what you pay.

But, because the beneficiaries did not know they were named on the policy, they have not contacted the life insurance company to file a claim. The life insurance companies did not make much effort — if at all — to find the beneficiary who has not been paid while the money owed sits in limbo.

Additionally, it is vital that you contact the person to let them know that you named them beneficiary. You should also provide them with the policy number, the issuing agency and the value of the policy. Always Use An Independent Life Insurance Agent Not all agents are the same, but here at Huntley Wealth we pride ourselves with providing quality service with no hidden agenda.

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